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We must work together to provide an engaging learning environment for all students!

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Building Our Future Together

While I may not be the typical candidate for the position there is no doubt I will bring a different look to the school board. I am young but have done and experienced a tremendous amount in my life. My wife and I adopted her younger sisters at the ages of 3 and 5, raised them as if they were our own and never turned back. Both have graduated from Christian Universities and are set to make something of themselves. My daughter Ashley grew up with an auditory processing disorder and was helped throughout school with a IEP 504 plan. We were young parents attending those meetings and never really understood the severity of where the education system currently is and what it did or didn’t do to prepare her for the future. I will look at the educational system from a lens of a parent whose student did not get what was needed to succeed and from a lens of a prospective educator. School board members are some of the unsung heroes within our society and help establish a vision and set out goals for our youth.

 More now than ever there has been a shift in ideologies that are presented to our youth causing more of a divide and parents should be frustrated and have a choice of what and how their students are learning. Oregon needs a change as we are currently ranked in the lower half of our nation, and we need to remove the politics and get back to the curriculum that is going to prepare students for their future.

There is no doubt that this divide has been causing school board elections to draw more eyes nationwide and I have great respect for the education profession. I believe that my experience and positive influence will play an integral part within our greater district and that will enhance student growth by getting back to the basics. Fostering a positive learning environment with a platform for academic success and independence will be imperative to making a change. I am eager to use my experience and unique take on education to serve both students and parents. We must change and adopt a culture for all students where we work together with teachers, parents, and students to achieve preparing all students for their futures.


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